Texas Hold’em with WebRTC

With most businesses partially shut down and suffering heavy losses due to this unprecedented situation (C-19), there is a never before demand for innovation and verticalization in the remote collaboration space across industries. Many of them have become creative about the way they conduct their businesses and perhaps some of these habits will stick even beyond this present time.


Could there be a possible demand around WebRTC to be met in Online Gaming world with a great, custom implementation of remote interactions?


With Casinos having a fraction of their usual footfall, they must already be scrambling for non-traditional ways of engaging their customers. Patrons must be missing the action too. If businesses think smartly, there is definitely a gap to be bridged.


Some of the many rich interactions in playing a card game will surely lend themselves for emulation by highly custom WebRTC solutions.


Antares-Tech has worked with few of the leading casino gaming technology providers in the world. So, from that experience, we have a fair idea of the nuances of online gaming. Let us take the example of the Poker game – seasoned hands would always rather play poker face-to-face than online, for otherwise they cannot study their opponents’ faces and thereby try to discover their playing patterns. Reading their moves and predicting their next paces become purely a guessing game, taking the element of skill away.


However, with WebRTC, the best elements of the face-to-face and the online worlds can be combined. Imagine players in a poker tournament on your platform (with a zero lag interface), with each player being able to ‘see’ the expressions of all other players and making decisions accordingly. Just like on a table. Once that is enabled, possibilities abound – for instance, players could be able to record ‘tells’ of other players and later see if their analysis were correct. All sorts of insights and analytics could be built into the system.


These are just our thoughts. But with the right mix of industry and technology expertise one can take Real Time Online Poker to the next level of maximum innovation.


Does this sound like an interesting direction for you?


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