The Antares Advantage


Over years of building various use cases for Real-Time Web & Mobile applications, we have developed our in-house, generic, RTC Frameworks for the common use cases. Which means a quicker time to market for the customer.


Our soon to be open-sourced Micro-Services Framework (SNAG) provides a time tested platform for Web & Mobile Applications and powers almost all our offerings to our clients, and provides a rugged, matured, scalable, and distributed framework from day one.


The framework can be leveraged to create a HIPAA compliant Telehealth solution that can be integrated with Electronic Health Records (EHR) database and hardware medical device interfaces.

Cloud Friendly

Runs on Google Cloud, Amazon, Azure or captive data centers

Online Presentations or Training

This framework is a direct fit for a remote teaching or training use case, with high levels of interactivity, including audio/video, chat, real-time interactive whiteboard & documents/presentation sharing. Plugin architecture to add custom functionality

Distributed Deployment

Enables single-machine deployments as well as large scale distributed deployments potentially spanning multiple data centers

Seminars or Webinars

This use case differs from the Training scenario in that the solution is cost-optimized for large audience size and a limited set of speakers/presenters. The additional channels of interaction (chat, whiteboard, etc.) are also available in this mode. This model has higher audio/video latencies, which are acceptable for a seminar type of use case.

Horizontal Scaling & HA

With the careful separation of concerns implemented via carefully designed micro-services, it affords a wide horizontal scaling & High Availability

SSO & Authentication

It comes with a built-in and secure Local Authentication (Oauth 2.0) and a framework for stackable SSO, which enables extremely quick integration to any enterprise SSO.

our pricing Model

Most real requirements evolve with time, and the start getting more focused as the first deliverables start to materialize. With Agile methodology and Bias For Action at the core of modern, progressive enterprises, this pricing model is a perfect fit.

Antares provides the full spectrum of skill sets required to successfully deliver a project at standard and reasonable hourly rates.

NOT-TO-EXCEED: For certain types of projects, a Not-To-Exceed type contract can be achieved, which limits the maximum price to be paid by the customer. Usually, if the requirements are reasonably clear and the risks are manageable, this gives our clients peace of mind.

The fixed price model is ideal for small and medium level projects with clear and well-defined requirements. But, as per the agreed contract, any change in the scope would result in a change in the price. Fixed price models allow customers to pay a fixed price for a project that is agreed upon by both parties. The fixed price could be split and paid on milestones. In this model, it is very important to discuss everything and make an estimation of the appropriate cost of the project at the very beginning.

CHANGE REQUESTS: In this model, any change in requirements post the agreement is treated as a Change Request. A CR is priced at the standard T&M rates.

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