e-Commerce App

      B2B Solution

      Client Profile

      The client is an end-to-enddistribution platform providerfor retailers, offering a widerange of products and brands.Their mission is to provideretailers with access to crediton easy terms, transparentpricing, personalized deals,timely updates on marketchanges, best-in-classdelivery & after-sales services– directly from their mobiles.

      ● Their previous version of the app would frequently crash, causing high customer churn● Direct impact on the primary business● Different APIs built for Android and iOS, leading to inconsistent experiences

      Customer Requirement
      ● A full-featured eCommerce app for both Android and iOS built ground up, glitch-free at peak loads● Android-iOS experience consistency● All the bells-and-whistles: deal updates, real-time tracking, payment gateway, etc.

      Our Strategy
      ● We planned to have a single API backend for Android and iOS● Used Framework7 – an open-source HTML framework, with an eye to the future● Aim: to have a single codebase for Android and iOS

      Our Deliverables
      ● Impeccable behavior at peak loads● iOS-Android consistency● Feature loaded – Geo-adaptive product pricing, intelligent notifications, detailed order tracking, multiple payments     options, and warranties● Easy to push new releases on the two platforms

      Technologies used
      ● Framework 7● HTML/CSS3/LESS● Node.js● Redis● MongoDB● MySQL 

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