Logistics Made Easy

      Agricultural Chemical Containers Life-cycle

      Client Profile

      The customer is a US based environmental contractor that specializes in container disposal of all sizes, hazardous waste removal, scrap tire abatement, above and underground tank cleaning/removal, the recycling of plastic and steel containers, formulation/packaging services, metal bin resurfacing, and container fleet management.


      For their Logistics and Scheduling needs
      ● They had no solution –tracking was manual!● Spreadsheets were being maintained by various departments to keep track of shipments

      ● Optimal logistical throughput remained a distant dream● Quality and time both took a beating –focus averted from those parts that merited more attention

      ● Develop a logistics solution from scratch, which customers can use online from various devices to schedule and track shipments● The solution should afford reporting abilities for track-ability

      Our Strategy
      ● Instead of an application to address the specific scheduling need, we designed a reusable scheduling application with an Outlook-like interface● Rich set of views for all kinds of personal preferences● A wide set of reports to track various data points and KPIs

      Our Deliverable
      ● A complete solution for operations management and logistics● An exquisitely designed interactive calendar, operable purely from the browser on a multitude of devices● Paperless, pure software solution for tracking goods, damage inspection, signing, etc. via Bar code on handheld devices● Complete track-ability of historical data


      ● Agile/Scrum with weekly iterations, for quick feedback and effective incorporation.● Training end-users could proceed side-by-side with development; they were closely involved    throughout scoping and execution.

      Engagement Model

      ● Offsite and onsite team working in tandem● Engineering lead provided by Antares● Requirements & Product management shared● Team synchronization using frequent Tele-meetings


      Technologies Used
      ● MongoDB● Node.JS● HTML/CSS/JADE/LESS

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