Live Presentation Platform

      Scalable Interactive Platform

      Client Profile

      The customer is anestablished and well knownbrand, providing onlineeducation platform thatconnects educators andlearners to deliversynchronous andasynchronous courses.


      The client was stuck with a product with functioning with old technologies
      ● Legacy (Flash) Technology for UI● Legacy (RTMP) Streaming Technology● Bad (virtually non-existent) architecture and design● Team with outdated skillsets

      Resulting In
      ● Extremely long cycles for new feature additions● An unusually high number of bugs discovered in the field● Bad software performance● Impossible to incorporate features like SSO or multi-tenancy● Bad customer experience leading to churn● Competition starting late and yet able to overtake on feature parity

      Our Strategy
      ● Rework the entire architecture to make it completely Cloud-based● Designed as micro-services for flexibility and scale● Completely revamped the base technologies

      Our Deliverable's

      ● A beautiful and highly performant online training solution● It is actually a platform with run-time addition of applications like a whiteboard, shared content, sharedmedia player. Future proof!● Stackable SSO support● White-labelling via pure configuration● Multi-tenancy and horizontally infinitely scalable

      Technologies Used
      ● WebRTC● Node.JS● HTML5/Javascript

      The Innovation

      ● Server-side recording of the entire session including live video and chat shared content and whiteboards etc.● Dynamic Proxy with REST-based routing addition feature for dynamic, micro-services

      Plugin architectureThe app was architected in a way whereall the key functionalities are added viaextendable plugins. Thus, the audio/video,chat, whiteboard, shared editor, etc all areplugins to the main app. This enabled aninfinite possibilities for adding otherfunctionalities (for example, an interactivecard game for teaching purposes etc).

      White-labelingDesigned to be fully white-labeled, withconfiguration options to customizevarious parameters according to thecustomer’s taste.

      Shared WhiteboardComes pre-bundled with a SharedWhiteboard, with excellent response timeeven when the class strength is in 100s.

      Horizontally ScalableThe architecture of the applicationallows it to potentially scale to anynumber of concurrent classes.

      Audio Video interactionThis plugin enables Audio/Video orpure Audio interaction and alsosupports Screen-share, with the abilityto either share only a specificapplication or the entire screen.


      Server Side RecordingThe innovative Server Side recordingpreserves the entire session, as seen bythe participants (including chats and allother interactions) and makes it availablevia an 1080p (Full HD) Video file. Therecording consumes no resources on thepresenter side.

      Code EditorComes pre-bundled with a SharedCode Editor (currently supportingJavascript, HTML & CSS) for tuitionsgeared towards teaching programminglanguages.

      Shared ContentThis plugin enabled one to sharecontent during the session, byuploading content in aPPT/Word/Excel/Image form andconverting it on the fly, to HTML5. Thecontent is then shared with all theparticipants, and as the presenterscrolls through the content the viewacross all the participants issynchronized, including the position ofhis/her mouse pointer. Since thisrequires very minimal bandwidth, itworks well even on low bandwidthnetworks.

      Multiple LayoutsThe app supports multiple layout options,including Full Screen Video view (withsmaller secondary videos), Tiled VideoView to look at all participants in oneglance, Work Area View to see othershared resources like Content etc. TheFold-able Chat and Attendees Widget canoverlay on any of these layouts, providinglayered view of the session.

      Single Sign-on (SSO)The app was designed for extendableSSO support and comes bundled withSSO stack to support most of thestandard authentication protocols, likeSAML, OAuth2.0 etc. Easilycustomizable to Enterprise specificSSOs.

      Attendance & InsightsComes pre-bundled with attendance &insights plugin providing variousDashboards.

      Low bandwidth behaviorThe solution falls back to pure audio forparticipants who are operating in a lowbandwidth network.

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