What Makes us Different

      Our very philosophy impels us to produce high-quality products!

      Antares was started by a nerd and remains a company of and by nerds. We specialize in Web, Mobile, and Cloud-based applications. Additionally, we have a collective and deep experience in Video Streaming and Real-Time Communications technologies (WebRTC). We take pride in our immersive culture of design, architecture, and overall creativity.
      Being a lean organization helps pick and choose the right projects and allows us to concentrate our creative abilities without distractions.
      Antares Tech’s quest is to do meaningful work and make beautiful things. Growth is not a target. It’s just an inevitable side effect.

      Our Vision, Ethos & Culture

      In The Heart of Things

      Antares was started with a vision to build a lean outfit of designers and engineers to deliver high-value solutions through technological innovations. Antares Tech’s quest is to do meaningful work and make beautiful things. Growth is not a target. It’s just an inevitable side-effect.
      In many ways, Antares is a very atypical company doing things contrary to common wisdom – but this counterculture works for us. We believe in strong fundamentals and a no-shortcuts approach, while also putting a store in plain old common sense. Quality, rather than quantity, is our byword.
      We are traditionalists. We believe that strong fundamentals and a no-shortcut approach are the best way to move forward. This is a corephilosophy at work in our culture which trickles down to our deliverables. Our mentorship programs ensure that these values are propagated and imbibed at all levels. 

      Meet The Founders


      Avinash Bhatia

      Chief Executive Officer

      An IIT Delhi graduate with 22+ years of experience inNetworking,Telecommunications,Multimedia and Web. Fromworking on the world’s firsttouch screens and hardwareaccelerators to fussing overCSS, he has seen it all.Hands-on, and believing inleading from the trenches, heis a technologist at the core.


      Pradeepta Sharma

      Chief Product Officer

      An NIT, IIM grad with anitch to create beautiful &sophisticated products,with 14 years in Finance,Education (Ed-Tech) andCasino gaming domains.With an innate artistic senseand expertise in businessprocesses, he blends hisvarious talents to designintuitive and highlyfunctional products.


      Sanjit Das

      Chief of Business Strategy

      An NIT, IBS grad with 16 yearsof experience across a mélange of industries. A growthhacker and a people’s personlooking to empower socialprojects by creating innovativeand community-focusedsolutions


      Our team is our pride. Each of the team members is dedicated to delivering the best results to the clients.

      • A good place to learn and grow vertically as well as horizontally. Great work culture with unlimited freedom to unleash your creativity and skillset. Pro-active and employee-friendly management.

        Kuldeep Bisht

      • Working at Antares Tech indulges you in work that challenges you constantly. Its highly competitive here but the output in terms of experience and knowledge that one gains is phenomenal.

        Nikhil Garg

      • A great place to learn with ample learning scope. Flexible timing and a great working culture make Antares a favored destination.

        Priyanku Sarmah


      From top to bottom, Antares is made up of curious and talented individuals who show up to do work they love. It’s more than a career and an experience people put their whole selves into to get more out of. A prospective recruit undergoes grueling multi-round interviews where we assess the candidate from multiple angles including analytical skills, problem-solving, creative skills, and communication.

      We are a passionate engineering team and natural collaborators who don’t confine our skills to the boundaries of a project. Every employee is given the freedom and encouraged to step up and contribute in ways that make the whole company better.

      Our people are the lifeline of our company and we strive to keep them happy, healthy, and passionate about their work. We believe in giving them the maximum flexibility and benefits to make the most of their lives outside of work.

      Being a small company allows us to choose and pursue unique and challenging projects that create meaningful impact. This impact reverberates beyond our projects to the industry, individuals, and the world at large.

      Our relationship with our people constitutes as lifelong mentors and mentees. We take pride in our craftsmanship and continuously stretch ourselves and push others to get the best out of us. Our people have learned more in their first few months here than in years elsewhere.

      As a highly agile and fast-paced bureaucracy-free environment where ideas are constantly bounced around and knowledge is gained by cross-pollination across projects, we constantly look for exceptional people who refuse to be defeated and are confident and fearless problem solvers who love pushing boundaries, including their own. If that sounds like you, let’s chat.