Data Visualization & Reporting

      Client Profile

      The customer is a US based startup who aspires to Transform the Agriculture Industry by developing a specialized SaaS business platform which turns data into action.


      Customer Requirement
      ● Develop a reporting and visualization platform to be exposed as a SaaS

      ● Extremely bulky reports, resulting in long loading times● Hard to integrate cleanly with other micro-services● Hard to add and develop new features, such as subscription of views● Bad customer experience leading to churn● In premises hosting leading to maintenance and scale issues

      Our Strategy
      ● Rather than create individual reports, we created a reporting platform● Hosted as Cloud-based SaaS● Designed as micro-services for flexibility and scale● Separated authentication from the core to enable stacked SSOs● Divided the data processing across the back and front end, with a full MVC running at the UI

      ● Move the team to Agile/SCRUM● Training of the client’s existing team to current technologies and new architecture

      Engagement Model
      ● Offsite and onsite team working in tandem● Engineering lead provided by Antares● Requirements & Product management shared● Team synchronization using frequent tele-meetings


      Our Deliverable's
      ● An interactive and highly performant reporting solution which enables beautifully animated Visualizations●  A full pluggable library of visuals to support the interpretation of data● Enterprise-ready with SSOs and multi-tenancy ● Highly granular Groups and Permissions framework● A high fidelity Print to PDF solution which faithfully renders the text and the graphics in a PDF file● A framework to provide quick turn around time for new reports● White labeling via pure configuration● Horizontally infinitely scalable

      Technologies used
      ● WebRtc● Node.Js● HTML5 / Javascript

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