Analytics Platform

      Decision Making Platform For Financial Services Giant

      Client Profile

      The customer is a diversified financial and wealth management company. They offer mobile apps with the full functionality of a financial website that allow customers to create watch-lists for various financial instruments. Trades on equity, commodity, currency and derivatives segments become hassle free.


      Deriving insights on API usage
      ● The client B2C apps on financial tradings see heavy usage● The need was to perform API Analytics on the entire digital ecosystem including apps, consumption, performance and usage metrics like traffic trends and spikes

      ● Usage data is huge – in the range of 100 GB and growing● Their own attempts to run reports off this data virtually unusable, since the pages took 10s of minutes to load.● Moreover, the reports did not provide the necessary insights● No out-of-the-box solution for their specific needs  

      ● A continuous, pseudo-real time ETL process to process the data● A performant and insightful API Analytics dashboard● Actionable metrics, failure reports, business usage metrics that would help them to troubleshoot as well as take business decisions

      Our Strategy
      ● Rather than run reports off of raw data, design an ETL process● ETL transforms raw usage data into a form ideal for reporting, and populates a reporting DB, even as ewer data is generated by users● Reporting DB is an order of magnitude smaller● Even the heaviest drill-downs load in a matter of seconds, down from 10s of minutes

      Our Deliverable's
      ● ETL Daemon continuously pumping data● Up to date API level usage analytics● Up to date API Consumption by client type● Up to date Error Analysis Time-of-day analysis

      Technologies used
      ● Node.js● HTML5/Jade● CSS3/LESS● React.js● Mongo and Redis● Hosted on Google Cloud

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